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Topwisdom Technology ’s new website launched

Shenzhen Topwisdom Technology Co., Ltd.'s new website launched!

Shenzhen Topwisdom Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, has now become the country's new technology enterprises in Shenzhen "Software Enterprise", we are committed to the motion control product development, manufacturing and services, especially in the laser control and embroidery control two areas, impressive; Us for the majority of equipment manufacturers to focus on providing total solutions and continued innovation, personalized, customized products and services to meet the needs of industry users to create maximum value for customers, promote the application of technological advances in the industry to control for industry users perfect core system solutions. Customer demand as the core, through unceasing technological innovation, provide customer satisfaction products and services, the company developed into a first-class motion control business.

Enterprise Culture
Customer-centered,with continuous technology innovation, Supply the best products and service and creat value for customers.

Enterprise  Vison
Promote the controlling application industry and supply the central solving way for customers.Based on customer needs,with continuous technology innovation,Supply the best products and service and develop us to be the first class enterprise in motion controlling fields.

Enterprise Spirits
 Honest           Double-Win             Devotion          innovations

Address: shenzhen longhua new district 58, pinus tabulaeformis road on the east side ShanHe science park whole layer on the fourth floor
Tel: 86-755-82057902
Fax: 86-755-82057892

Customer service center
Tel: 86-755-82057902
Fax: 86-755-82057892
Technical support QQ group: 135869199
Embroidery technical support: 13823677535
Embroidered after-sales service: 13823675235
Laser after-sales service: 13823692965 (Liu Gong)
Laser sales service: 13823675035 (Huang Gong)

Shandong jinan office
Address: flyover district of jinan city north park avenue
Contact: NieGong
24 hours service telephone: 18653123372, 18653123372

Company address: shenzhen longhua new district 58, pinus tabulaeformis road on the east side ShanHe le park |, 4 / f, TEL 86-755-82057892
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Embroidery after-sales:
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