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09 new products (TC - 301) multi-axis nc system

TC - 301 multi-axis CNC system

The main function description:

1, the main board USES the international most advanced 32-bit DSP processor, frequency of 150 MHZ.

2, support USB communication, can U disk read and write files directly.

3, to compensate for stamping, machining path can be centerline stamping, the original line of stamping, stamping

4, to machining path of points with different distance set freely, can step distance calculation of machining path automatically

5, strong storage, storage of 256 m on up to pieces.

5, up to 30 password management, file timing device Settings.

6, man-machine interface is simple, easy to learn.

7, industrial design, it can fully meet various environmental requirements of industrial field, to ensure the safety of continuous work.

8, can be read standard G code format, convenient ?

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