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Thai science and technology project report in 2013

 A single head machine embroidery control system - 7 inch touch screen (TE - 307 - h)

This is one of our company start the project in 2013, after nearly a year of investment and development vigorously, and of the broad masses of customers, the company's new 7 inch touch screen single-end mechanical and electrical control, stable performance, convenient operation, was introduced and the popular, product main features are: use large screen human-computer interaction; The use of safe and reliable; High efficiency, the embroidery speed of up to 1200 RPM; The application of new technology, making the machine vibration is very small, the embroidery effect is better.


Two head - TE308I embroidery control system

The company in the same period in 2013 launched the latest without embroidery electric control, electric cabinet at both ends are all made of low voltage power supply switch power supply, safe and reliable, save installation space, enhance the

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